Today's Thought Nov. 19, 2021


Embrace life

Be true to yourself

Be open to the universe

Enjoy the adventure

Go with the flow

...Feel the peace, 

The calm 

And the harmony...

Granddaughter Violet State Gymnastics Meet Nov. 14, 2021

 Floor 9.575 


Bars (video froze, ha la! I want my $15 back.)


Results: Violet wins State Title for Bars.  Fifth all around.  Way to go Vi Vi!  Nana and Papa are proud of you!

Kaizen Sensei and DMAIC

 The Six Sigma DMAIC principle is indeed powerful.  Though I'm more of a Lean Toyota guy, I like using this paradigm because it does the job in getting everyone to be on the same page in resolving.  

I may not make it as complicated as my colleagues, but it works for me and the people I work for.  Here's a short video that goes into it, and as an added bonus, here's a link that takes you to an SOP I created that includes an AFE and A4.  


Ping Shuai Gong 500 Swing Work Out


500 hundred swing Ping Shuai Gong workout. My version is different in that I swing nine times and bounce on the tenth swing.  The standard practice is to swing four times and then bounce on the fifth swing. When you see the supporting video below, you'll clearly see the differences.  

Also, interspersed is my breaking up the action by walking in place. It helps relieve the dead legs from standing too long.

You ask the question, what makes me so special in changing the way this is done and taught?  The reason is because I have very bad legs and the additional bouncing wrecks havoc in my knee joints. Another reason is that it's easier for me to count.  What can I say?  I'm old and I forget easily.😁

My goal is to swing 1,500 times a day. This video shows me doing it 500 times. To meet my goal, I perform three sets which is about 10 minutes. Three sets is about 30 minutes (actually more).

I've read stories of sick people practicing two hours a day with great results. Ping Shuai Gong is popular because it's simple and, according to many testimonials, effective in dealing with diseases like cancer, diabetes, autoimmune, allergies, and heart conditions, all anecdotal, and not evidence based. My opinion is that it's both a mild workout with a belief that if you do it, the placebo effect will help cure what ails you. A practitioner once said that a minimum benefit is that you'll, at least, have really loose shoulders. And he laughs. 

For more information and video testimonials, visit my website link at 

Check out the following video (in Chinese but with English subtitles). It not only provides cool testimonials which, to me, is quite convincing since I practice it each and every day, but it gives you key insights on what this is about and how you might convince yourself to work out.


Remember before starting any physical exercise, please see your physician and ask first, especially those of you with medical conditions. 

With that said, let the chi flow.

My Granddaughter's (Violet) Gymnastics Competition Level 3 Rancho Cordova Nov. 6, 2021

Violet wins third place all around with a score of 35.875.  

Vault - 6th place - 9.125

Bars - 8.825 - She fell and she never falls

Beam - 2nd place - 9.550

Floor - 3rd place - 9.375

Ashton's Wrestling Las Vegas "Freakshow" Oct. 16-17, 2021

First Day Saturday Oct. 16

Won 9-8 against A. Cardenas.   He looked tired. Last year, A. Cardenas pinned Ashton in the last second.  They were evenly matched. 


Match Two:  Next day Ashton pins A. Cardenas

Ashton's semi-final match.  Pinned L. Holman.

Finals.  Pinned B. Holman to win the 109 13 and under division!!!  Congratulations Ashton!

A winner!!!

Lesson on Sustaining

 A young student entered a small garden.  It was his sensei’s back yard, and it was there where he was to learn his new lesson.  

Yaguchi was excited. 

For six months, he was pushed toward exhaustion repeating technique after technique. Any deviation was welcomed. 

As he entered, the Japanese style garden took his breath away, well manicured, healthy full of color and life, the fragrance sweet with a burst of fresh energy.  He thought what it would take to create and maintain such beauty.

“Yaguchi!” the voice came from a small tool shed.  It was sensei Tanaka.

The young student hurried to the shack and discovered his sensei with his arm buried into a tub of water.

“Sensei,” the boy said, “would you like me to help?”

“Please come here and see what I am doing.”

The boy stepped closer to find that his instructor was holding down what appeared to be a round ball.

The sensei pulled his hand out and it was then that Yaguchi saw that the round ball was in fact a basketball as it bobbed up to the surface. 

“Petroleum jelly is rubbed on it.  Now, you try.”

“Try sensei?”

“I want you to push the ball down.  Yes, to the bottom of the tub, and don’t let it float up.”

“Is there a special technique I should be aware of?”

“Not really."

Yaguchi knew.  It was a test. 

He had to succeed this small and simple task to advance to the next level and learn new martial arts techniques, possibly a weapons form.  The thought excited him.  He touched the ball that was indeed slippery but not unreasonable, vowed nothing could stop him.

However, attempt after attempt, each resulted to failure and frustration.  The air in the ball and petroleum jelly made it impossible.  “Sensei,” Yaguchi said.  

“Let me help you,” sensei Tanaka said as he helped steady the ball underneath the water.  “Now hold it firmly in the center and do not allow it to move.”

Yaguchi complied and, though difficult, he was able.

“What did you learn?” the master asked.

“I learned that basketballs aren’t made to be in water.”

The venerable master stifled a laugh.

“Yaguchi-san," he said, “Which was easier.  From the surface? Or when it was held steady in the water?”

“Steady in the water.”

“And that is your lesson,” the aged sensei said before walking back into the beautiful garden.


“Don’t let go.”

"Hai, wakirimaska," Yaguchi said and bowed.

"Good," the master smiled, "I think this is a nice place for us to continue our training.  What do you think, master-in-training?"

Yaguchi bowed, "Os!"

What is Lean?

 My apologies.  My embedded link is giving me problems.  Please click link or copy and paste to browser.

The Phone is My Friend

Someone asked me how I’m able to secure clients and I tell them that I pick up the phone and introduce myself.

No way, they say, asking if I use social media, post blogs, attend networking events and such. I tell them, sometimes, but being a Lean expert, I tell them it’s pretty much a waste. 

Granted, it would be nice if I was given an introduction, or if I can name drop a person, or have someone contact me directly, but I’ve found, just picking up the phone and fighting through gatekeepers, voice mails and no answers gets me to a decision maker the most efficient way possible.

“You get a lot of rejections,” they’d say.

“All the time,” I’d reply.

“Then why do you do it?”

“Because I get a bunch of appointments and clients.”

“How do you do it?”

I tell them I pick up the phone, dial and say, 

“Sensei Domi here. I’m a consultant that helps businesses like yours with continuous improvement ideas, and I’d really like to tell you more about who I am and what I do, but I feel it’s always best just like to sit down and have an initial introductory conversation. I have a client I service around where you’re at on Tuesday afternoon at 3:00. Can I stop by, say, by 2:00?”

The next question is about my conversion ratio, and I tell them it’s a turkey shoot. Some days, I’m five out of five. Others, I’m zero for 20, but what I tell them that the key is that I make at least one new prospecting call a day, just one. Most of the time, it ends up with more, depending upon my schedule.

The moral to this story is to pick up the phone and call a brand new business. Start with one, but do it every day. 

The key is “every day”. Let me repeat, one new proactive prospecting call a day.

And if you get a “no thank you”, then pick up the phone and call someone else.

It’s that simple.

Simple but not easy.  I've had clients who approached me, especially after the Covid crisis, saying that they've got to recover and can't seem to get any traction.  I asked if they've made any efforts to speak to former clients and ask for referrals.  

Silence.  Crickets.

I asked them which is worse. Picking up the phone and calling or starving because you have zero cash in the bank.

It's business.  Do it and keep yours from bankruptcy.

Now, there is an option.  What you can do is find someone to teach, mentor and coach you, at least to the point where you can confidently pick up the phone and make it your friend.  Just to let you know, I stumbled and made mistakes I can never take back, learned and now able to turn the process around where efforts are maximized.  Believe me, I wished I had a sensei, coach and mentor to help me out, during those unconscious incompetent days of my life.

With that said, if you need help, give me a call at 661-717-4036, and I'll share with you some of the basic steps that make this "Phone is My Friend" marketing concept work for you!

There is one small problem.  You will have to pick up the phone and call.😁

Manage the Work, Not the Workers

As an owner or manager, your job is to define, design, refine and communicate the paradigm.  It is the job of those who work for you to execute quality and manage the process.  Manage the work.  Not the workers!

8 Pounds of Marbles in a 4 Pound Bag

I start a Lean Manufacturing training class with this question:

“How do you put 8 pounds of marbles in a 4-pound bag?”

 I get answers like: “Impossible.  Can’t happen.  No can do.”

Then I tell them.  Pour 4 pounds of marbles in the bag.  Empty it.  Then pour in the other 4.

This was not a trick question.  It was asked in plain English.  But we, with our preconceived ideas, created this image of marbles spilling out of a bag.

Then I come up with this simple formula explaining “capacity”:

Capacity = Work + Waste.

So, if you imagine the 4-pound bag capacity limiting you to 4 pounds, you are tasked t take the extra steps of emptying the bag and refilling it up.  That’s two extra steps.  In a company’s workflow, we can imagine a 4-pound bag analogy for doing a full day’s work and two days to complete the task. 

With the above formula, what would happen if you eliminate the waste and, in this case, actually be able to put 8 pounds of marbles in a 4-pound bag, by eliminating the waste and increasing the 4-pound bag to an 8-pound capacity. 

That means you can do two days of work in one day.

Think about it?

What you’ve just read is the simple fundamentals of Lean Manufacturing inspired by the Toyota Production System.

The Lean Farm by Ben Hartman - Book Report

First off, this is a must read for both lean practitioners and anyone in agriculture and farming. I would venture to say that any of you who find the time to read this well written book would agree.

Just be sufficient it to say that it was a page turner, and I finished it in a day. Like a favorite movie (mine was “Enter the Dragon”), I would read it again.

The author and farmer, Ben Hartman may well be the Taiichi Ohno of Lean Farming, and a great student. I have to admit that I was intrigued by the concept of merging lean principles into farming, in Hartman’s case, micro farming in the New England area. After thinking about it, it made 100% sense to incorporate lean manufacturing into various industries, but to introduce it into farming?

And when I bought the book, I said to myself, “alright, make me a believer.”

The reason is that I spent 25 years of my formative life growing up in California’s San Joaquin Valley, working in farming during the 1960’s and 1970’s. I also worked in manufacturing and construction where I practiced and learned lean and six sigma methodologies. It was in this tenure where I earned both Lean and Master Black Belt certifications.

So it’s not like I have a blind eye as to what Hartman’s message is and its worth.

As a lean manufacturing coach and consultant, where I advise strategies and tactical implementation to various manufacturers, I can say that I am impressed with Hartman’s astute lean experience into the farming community.

I could use this time let the cat out of the bag and provide you with Cliff Notes highlights (you’re gonna have to read the book) but what I will say is that he did an outstanding job in drafting up the right words without being heavy handed as many Lean and Six Sigma books tend to be. His bio indicates that he has college degrees in Philosophy and in English but grew up in a farm throughout his life.

You could not find a better combination to be the creator of this book.

With that said, I highly recommend you to spend the few dollars to buy this book and dedicate quiet time to read it.

It gave me knowledge that I will take with me till I die (and it just might get me a farming client or two out is this. Who knows?)

And with that said, Ben Hartman’s The Lean Farm “delivered what I needed on time, hassle and defects free,” which, as many of you know, is the core of value. I'm sure it will do the same for you.

Oh, by the way.  If you hate reading, get the audio version and listen to it whiile you drive!!!!  Just saying πŸ˜€

Lean Manufacturing Notes

Courtesy of QMS Institute

The following are my notes I use when introducing Lean Manufacturing to people who are interested.  To learn specifics, go to  There you can take a free class on the subject and earn a Yellow Belt!

Lean Manufacturing Outline

The effects of health Qigong Baduanjin on the prevention, treatment, and recovery of COVID (Article reprint from


The effects of health Qigong Baduanjin on the prevention, treatment, and recovery of COVID-19 (Reprint from;year=2020;volume=2;issue=2;spage=33;epage=39;aulast=Han)


 To summarize the application and modern studies on health Qigong Baduanjin by domestic and foreign scholars, combined them with clinical practice of mobile hospital in Wuhan, we explore the prevention, treatment, and recovery of Baduanjin in the war against COVID-19. On the basis of studying ancient classics, such as Huangdi's Internal Classic, and the concrete exercise methods of Baduanjin, we propose three ideas: prevention before disease onset, promoting healing during illness, and strengthening the body after recovery. We aimed to give full play to Baduanjin in the battle against COVID-19 to popularize correct prevention and health knowledge for the patients and the healthy as well as to provide a reference for medical workers to use Traditional Chinese Medicine to prevention and treatment.


Kankudai Oct. 25, 2020



This is me performing a kata that I used in competition in the 1970's and 1980's. Then I was 50 pounds lighter, had hair, lower stances, higher kicks, more snap, and didn't suck air like I did after doing it.

Bassai Dai Oct. 17, 2020


This is me, at 67 years old, attempting to perfect my kata, Bassai Dai. Though I was taught, literally, over 30 such forms, maybe more, after about 10 years of not practicing karate and focusing on Tai Chi, I am forcing my old body to get this right. It's a nice goal.  By the way, the quiet KIA's are due to my recording early in the morning, and I didn't want to wake up my neighbors. πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

Water in Hand

A thought is sometimes like water. You can pour it in a cup, drink and nourish your body, or you can hold it in your hand and watch it disappear.