The Phone is My Friend

Someone asked me how I’m able to secure clients and I tell them that I pick up the phone and introduce myself.

No way, they say, asking if I use social media, post blogs, attend networking events and such. I tell them, sometimes, but being a Lean expert, I tell them it’s pretty much a waste. 

Granted, it would be nice if I was given an introduction, or if I can name drop a person, or have someone contact me directly, but I’ve found, just picking up the phone and fighting through gatekeepers, voice mails and no answers gets me to a decision maker the most efficient way possible.

“You get a lot of rejections,” they’d say.

“All the time,” I’d reply.

“Then why do you do it?”

“Because I get a bunch of appointments and clients.”

“How do you do it?”

I tell them I pick up the phone, dial and say, 

“Sensei Domi here. I’m a consultant that helps businesses like yours with continuous improvement ideas, and I’d really like to tell you more about who I am and what I do, but I feel it’s always best just like to sit down and have an initial introductory conversation. I have a client I service around where you’re at on Tuesday afternoon at 3:00. Can I stop by, say, by 2:00?”

The next question is about my conversion ratio, and I tell them it’s a turkey shoot. Some days, I’m five out of five. Others, I’m zero for 20, but what I tell them that the key is that I make at least one new prospecting call a day, just one. Most of the time, it ends up with more, depending upon my schedule.

The moral to this story is to pick up the phone and call a brand new business. Start with one, but do it every day. 

The key is “every day”. Let me repeat, one new proactive prospecting call a day.

And if you get a “no thank you”, then pick up the phone and call someone else.

It’s that simple.

Simple but not easy.  I've had clients who approached me, especially after the Covid crisis, saying that they've got to recover and can't seem to get any traction.  I asked if they've made any efforts to speak to former clients and ask for referrals.  

Silence.  Crickets.

I asked them which is worse. Picking up the phone and calling or starving because you have zero cash in the bank.

It's business.  Do it and keep yours from bankruptcy.

Now, there is an option.  What you can do is find someone to teach, mentor and coach you, at least to the point where you can confidently pick up the phone and make it your friend.  Just to let you know, I stumbled and made mistakes I can never take back, learned and now able to turn the process around where efforts are maximized.  Believe me, I wished I had a sensei, coach and mentor to help me out, during those unconscious incompetent days of my life.

With that said, if you need help, give me a call at 661-717-4036, and I'll share with you some of the basic steps that make this "Phone is My Friend" marketing concept work for you!

There is one small problem.  You will have to pick up the phone and call.😁