Today's Thought Nov. 19, 2021


Embrace life

Be true to yourself

Be open to the universe

Enjoy the adventure

Go with the flow

...Feel the peace, 

The calm 

And the harmony...

Granddaughter Violet State Gymnastics Meet Nov. 14, 2021

 Floor 9.575 


Bars (video froze, ha la! I want my $15 back.)


Results: Violet wins State Title for Bars.  Fifth all around.  Way to go Vi Vi!  Nana and Papa are proud of you!

Kaizen Sensei and DMAIC

 The Six Sigma DMAIC principle is indeed powerful.  Though I'm more of a Lean Toyota guy, I like using this paradigm because it does the job in getting everyone to be on the same page in resolving.  

I may not make it as complicated as my colleagues, but it works for me and the people I work for.  Here's a short video that goes into it, and as an added bonus, here's a link that takes you to an SOP I created that includes an AFE and A4.  


Ping Shuai Gong 500 Swing Work Out


500 hundred swing Ping Shuai Gong workout. My version is different in that I swing nine times and bounce on the tenth swing.  The standard practice is to swing four times and then bounce on the fifth swing. When you see the supporting video below, you'll clearly see the differences.  

Also, interspersed is my breaking up the action by walking in place. It helps relieve the dead legs from standing too long.

You ask the question, what makes me so special in changing the way this is done and taught?  The reason is because I have very bad legs and the additional bouncing wrecks havoc in my knee joints. Another reason is that it's easier for me to count.  What can I say?  I'm old and I forget easily.😁

My goal is to swing 1,500 times a day. This video shows me doing it 500 times. To meet my goal, I perform three sets which is about 10 minutes. Three sets is about 30 minutes (actually more).

I've read stories of sick people practicing two hours a day with great results. Ping Shuai Gong is popular because it's simple and, according to many testimonials, effective in dealing with diseases like cancer, diabetes, autoimmune, allergies, and heart conditions, all anecdotal, and not evidence based. My opinion is that it's both a mild workout with a belief that if you do it, the placebo effect will help cure what ails you. A practitioner once said that a minimum benefit is that you'll, at least, have really loose shoulders. And he laughs. 

For more information and video testimonials, visit my website link at 

Check out the following video (in Chinese but with English subtitles). It not only provides cool testimonials which, to me, is quite convincing since I practice it each and every day, but it gives you key insights on what this is about and how you might convince yourself to work out.


Remember before starting any physical exercise, please see your physician and ask first, especially those of you with medical conditions. 

With that said, let the chi flow.

My Granddaughter's (Violet) Gymnastics Competition Level 3 Rancho Cordova Nov. 6, 2021

Violet wins third place all around with a score of 35.875.  

Vault - 6th place - 9.125

Bars - 8.825 - She fell and she never falls

Beam - 2nd place - 9.550

Floor - 3rd place - 9.375