Yes, I'm a Karate Blackbelt, but I'm also a Business Sensei...

...who combines the disciplines of scientific management and martial arts to help companies and individuals realize their dreams and vision, save money (some companies in the millions of dollars),  increase capacity and profitability. 

By the way, the word “kaizen” means “good change”.  “Sensei” means “teacher”.  

Follow me into my training dojo and allow me, as your sensei, share the wisdom of good change.

Kaizen symbol


  • Oil and Gas; Agriculture; Last Planner System and Pull System Construction; Manufacturing; Insurance and Medical Administration, Master Black Belt Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, Business Process Management, cGMP (21CFR820), ISO 13485, ISO 9001, Project Management, Finance and Accounting, Purchasing and Inventory, Marketing and Sales. See LINKEDIN PROFILE
  • Business Owner/Operator; Retail Management; Durable Medical Equipment and Medical Supplies 
  • Lean Manufacturing / Toyota Production Systems / Continuous Improvement / ISO / Six Sigma / Kaizen Events and Project Charters / Strategic Planning and Development "Hoshin Kanri".
  • Technical Writings: Policies, Manuals, SOP’s, Controlled Documents. 
  • Business Financing.  (Email me at domitomate@gmail.com for an application)
  • Martial Artist: Karate, Muay Thai Kick Boxing, Tai Chi, Trainer, Promoter

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"I was born and raised in Delano, California, picked grapes as a kid when I got my social security card at nine years old, graduated from Delano High class of '71, college educated at Cal State Bakersfield and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, practiced martial arts almost all of my life, married to Placida (Didi) when I was in college, raised two grown kids (Aleyna and Tino) and now, five grandchildren (Ryden, Ashton "Ashti", Violet "Vi Vi" , Timothy Dominck "Timbo", and Eliza “Ya Ya" Claire aka "Princess Unicorn Sparkles), and one big dog (Sheba)!"

Contact Info
Dominador "Sensei Domi" Tomate
email: domitomate@gmail.com
phone: (661) 717-4036 
Skype: Domi Tomate 

Below is a Qigong Exercise (8 Piece Brocade) for Good Health

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