Tai Chi Zoom

Free Qigong Tai Chi classes through ZOOM.

Learn more about Tai Chi and Qigong go to:   http://babyboomersensei.blogspot.com/

Link to chair qigong class.  You’ll love it.      https://youtu.be/ujH6QQQTAEE

7:00 a.m. pst Monday
7:00 a.m. pst Wednesday
7:00 a.m. pst Friday

Video instructions on how to Join a Zoom Meeting.  


Click the following link to join meeting.


(Meeting ID: 249 918 3784)

Enter Password: 7jcE9P

Disclaimer: Though Qigong and Tai Chi are considered safe, consult your personal physician prior to attempting any form of exercise, especially if you have a pre-existing medical and chronic condition. Also, if at anytime you feel dizzy during the exercise, stop and sit or lie down. You can practice sitting on a chair and still benefit. The goal is to be safe and well.  

Actual Qigong / Tai Chi Class in Oregon.  

Follow along to train on your own.   Let the chi flow!

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